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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery with Op.Dr Serkan Balta
What is gynecomastia?
The condition in which the breast tissue enlarges in men due to genetic disorders, hormonal conditions, various diseases, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug use is called "gynecomastia". Gynecomastia also causes social problems such as self-confidence problem, posture disorder, and the effect of dressing style in men.

It is necessary to distinguish this condition from physiological gynecomastia, which can be seen in adolescence in men. The condition causing gynecomastia should be investigated. Surgery is planned after revealing the underlying cause.

What are Gynecomastia Stages and Treatment Options?

In gynecomastia, there are three types of stages. The first stage is limited growth. In the second stage, the breasts are larger, but there is no sagging. The third stage is the stage in which sagging along with the growth of the breast is also present.

Gynecomastia does not improve with sports or drug use. The only and definitive solution is surgery. The surgical method is determined according to the stages of gynecomastia. Liposuction (classic, laser or Vaser) is sufficient for the first and second stages. In order to remove sagging in stage 3 gynecomastia, an open method, that is, surgical removal of excess tissue is required.

Again, glandular type gynecomastia is predominantly breast tissue and needs to be removed by open surgery; in fatty type gynecomastia, adipose tissue is predominant, it can only be treated with liposuction; In mixed (mixed) type gynecomastia, there is excess of both glandular and adipose tissue, open surgery and liposuction can be used together.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

The duration of the operation takes 1-2 hours depending on the technique to be applied.

How is the surgery done?

Gynecomastia may develop due to adipose tissue, mammary gland tissue (gland), or both fat and breast tissue. While only liposuction surgery is sufficient for gynecomastia caused by adipose tissue, in other cases, excess fat and breast tissues are removed with a half-moon incision made around the nipple. If there is excess skin in addition to fat and breast tissue, some skin may need to be removed.

What are the Points to Consider After Surgery?

The patient is discharged on the day of surgery or after staying in the hospital overnight. Although the pain will decrease with painkillers on the first day, extreme pain is not expected. After the surgery, drains are placed on the breast, sometimes removed 1-2 days later.

It is normal to see edema and swelling in the area after gynecomastia surgery. These go away on their own within the first week. There may be mild muscle pains after the operation. Resting for 3 days after gynecomastia surgery and not moving the arms and shoulders too much is important for the comfort and healing process of the person. On the 3rd day of the operation, you can take a shower, return to work, and take light walks, provided that you do not work too hard. Heavy exercises and heavy lifting are not recommended for a month. It is recommended to use corsets continuously for about 3-4 weeks after the operation, and only during the day or at night for the next 1-2 months.

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