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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics (BBL) Surgery with Op.Dr Serkan Balta
What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
All surgical procedures performed on the buttocks and hips are defined as buttock aesthetics. The aim is to shape and raise the butt, to increase its volume if it is insufficient, to remove the excess in the hips, to dimple and thin the waist. Buttock aesthetic surgery is a safe operation preferred by many women who want their buttocks to look tighter, rounder and lifted, and to have a younger and curvy appearance. Butt aesthetic surgeries, which have been performed in large numbers in recent years, are in the form of different applications according to the patient.

For Whom Butt Aesthetics Is Performed?

If the person's butt is too big or small compared to his body, if sagging and deformities have occurred in the butt due to weight gain, aging, if the clothes do not look as desired, in short, if the size and shape of the butt makes the person unhappy and he wants to have more curved lines, what the person needs is butt aesthetic surgery. .

How to Do Butt Aesthetics?

The procedure to be performed in buttock aesthetics varies according to the patient's current deformity, needs and expectations. Among the procedures that can be applied are butt lift, reducing the effects of excess weight and age on the inner and outer buttock, and tightening the buttock skin. If the person does not have problems such as sagging on the buttocks, butt lift surgery can only be performed with liposuction, fat injection or filling methods.

What should and should not be done before the operation?

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop smoking 3 weeks before the surgery in buttock aesthetic surgeries.

Butt Aesthetic Surgery Methods

All buttock aesthetic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia in the operating room under hospital conditions.

Fat injection (BBL, Brasilian Butt Lift): First, fat is collected from areas of the body that have excess fat such as abdomen, waist, back, hips, and if necessary, from the lower and outer sides of the butt, by liposuction, then these fats are concentrated with special processes. It is placed on the top and inside of the butt as needed. In this way, the butt becomes full.

Buttock Silicone: Silicone prostheses can be used if the person is weak and there is not enough fat to be given to the butt, if the fat to be injected will not provide enough fullness in the buttock, or if a more permanent and long effect is desired. This process allows the butt to protrude backwards and stay high. The applied prostheses are products specially designed for the buttock.

Butt Lifting (Uplift): In people who have discharge and collapse of the subcutaneous adipose tissue after much weight loss, sagging of the skin, skin is removed from the lower abdomen, waist and top of the buttocks (belt lipectomy) and the entire abdomen, waist and buttocks region It is the process of taking it up by hanging it. In this technique, the excess skin is surgically removed, the fat mass inside is shaped and suspended upwards. In patients with medium and good skin quality, only adipose tissue injection or prosthesis application may be sufficient.

Butt Reduction: Butts that are too large as a result of weight gain or structurally are shaped by reducing them with the liposuction method, which is also a fat removal technique.

After Butt Lift Surgery and Recovery Process

It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for one night after the operation.

A special corset is worn immediately after the operation. In order to reduce edema and swelling and to get the best results, the corset should be worn for 3-4 weeks.

After the butt augmentation operation, it may be difficult to move for a few days, tingling and pain may be felt. This is an expected situation and can be controlled with oral painkillers.

Since all the techniques applied are not applied to the sitting area, there is no harm in sitting. However, in the early period of the surgery, it is recommended to place a special sponge (BBL pillow) on the back of the thighs to prevent direct pressure on the butt while sitting for the first 3 weeks.

Postoperative edema and slight bruising are expected. The edema and bruises, which will decrease day by day, will completely disappear within 1-2 weeks.

During the first month after the surgery, only walking can be done, heavy sports should be avoided. At the end of the 4th week, sports activities can be started gradually.

Generally, dissolving sutures are used and do not need to be removed.
You can take a bath from the 3rd day after the surgery.

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